Saturday, October 8, 2011

This is my story...

I used to know a little girl who used to count days and seconds for the first tick of the clock on her birthday. Waiting upon the 3 souls who matters the most to her. To gather and sing, to celebrate and embrace, the day she was born with unconditional love. She used to have this small cake under her name with candles lit on the top to further sugar her day.  It was never a surprise she ranted always, but a yearly routine was yet so sweet.

The little girl is a vain one even since those days, so there she goes in front of the mirror to put on her best look to capture it in a frame. They sang for her oh not so good, yet the melody turned perfect with the tune called family. A wish was made but never did one craved, for what is a wish for a little girl who had it all. As the curtain closes years did pass and the little girl grew up with a few more birthdays which went as such.

Time flied so fast that she barely ignored the fact it might end one day. She might not have the small cake and for what matters the most, the 3 souls who used to make her day the best of each year. On her 19th birthday the realization came. She sat alone in her room begging for an answer,  to satisfy the position of her down the wheel called life. Why must the most important day of her life be juxtaposed with a day that hurts so much? Not that the 3 souls were the culprits but she was obviously a victim of circumstances. The case was of love but the battle couldn’t stand, for even love dies in front of the subject “lies”. The poor girl didn’t know.

Yet she opened her eyes at the first tick of the clock on her birthday, there she saw the three souls again surprisingly, not that that they came, but they were there. She felt so little for having forgotten them for so long, for having kept them hidden in the memories, feeling so alone frisked by guilt when a shoulder to lean was not one but three.  She saw hope, she saw the real bond. Some ties just can’t be broken isn’t it? and it always stay  till the end like your own heartbeat( perhaps they indeed are), which never get tired of giving you the precious breath and the feel of being alive.

She will always remember that birthday , her 19th birthday ; to remind her that life won’t always lend you a hand, it won’t pick save options for you, it won’t protect you and it doesn’t necessarily love you neither.  But no matter what, whether its lemons or candies, the 3 souls will always be there for her to treasure their forever little girl who grew up under their care and absolute love.

P/S This is not a fiction. (you should have known)

 Renuka G