Sunday, October 16, 2011

If POSITIVITY a subject, i'd learn it

Life has a way of teaching us the hard way. It’s hard and it is always that way isn’t it? or perhaps it’s just us. Lately some thoughts jolly haunt me to an extent I can’t ignore anymore because  it strikes me in a way that it convinces me, if I don’t act now I’m going to live the rest of my life the way it is now. No passion, No dreams, Nothing. I have been like this for a very remarkable period of time and I’m not going to let it take hold of me. If I do, then I’m perhaps jinxing my whole life.

 I have to get rid of negativity from my life, in my daily encounters and just everything. I’m done looking at the sky saying its going to rain all the time. I have forgotten the sunshine and I have lost all the good times.  If there is a way and this is it, I will do all I can to welcome brightness into myself and spread it to people around me. I’m done being the philosopher, it's just demotivating. Sometimes looking at downside and negative aspects of life isn’t all about reality but indeed an act of climbing the mountain with a pair of 5 inches heels. The possibility of jerking outweighs that of conquering it. And true enough, I learnt it prior the act of climbing and I’m pretty sure you guys will as well.

Its never too late to embark on a right journey. The wrongs will always be there as a distraction and it tempts you more than a good thing can, nobody can deny that. We might have bowed to many and have surrendered a few times as well but that doesn’t mean we can’t give up on them and leave for the better or who knows the best life has to offer.

Positivity is seriously an annoying subject if you were to ask me. it’s plain boring, ordinary and just can put the person beside you to sleep. Yet don’t forget to become conscious to the fact that the good things in life are the ones we downsize and underrate. Maybe what we already have isn’t our fit at all. We deserve better, better view on things, and better perception on life. 

Change is very subjective. You can craft it the way you want as long as you have the will. Put your heart into it, think in a way you can inspire others , you will eventually find success and most important of all peace along the way.

Renuka G