Friday, October 7, 2011

Nude Shoes Always

Oh dear, is it that hot till your shoes got bleached??
Oh Oh

And I certainly ate my own words and yielded saluting’em nude shoes! I used to hate them  for the dull unpolished colour but little did I know, shameless footwear can turn eye catching and rule seasons in a row.

Don’t  you girls realize how a nude pair of shoes make a statement these days? Adding up to the femme fatale look, nude shoes are as well touted for their abilities to elongate your legs giving you the slim slender look you are striving for. Let me explain how the whole “lengthening” thing works. Wearing colours on your shoes have the potential of making your legs look completely chopped from your feet as they obviously distinguishes the “real” and the man made  A nude shoes though take it all the way from your knees to your feet polishing you with a classy vibe accompanied with a very slim and tall silhouette by adding length to your toned up legs. You need not envy Cameron Diaz thereafter!
wonders happen.....

BTW If you still stand by black for sophistication then I reckon you are still in those times we used to match pink with pink and green with green. The world of fashion has grown to the extent of blocking colours and its about time to move on to more chic look and not cheesy excuses! 

Black shoes are so old school without a doubt and it certainly gave way for nude shoes to rule its way up. 
One more good thing about these shoes is they allow your dress to shine instead of giving away the spotlight to the footwear and that means, you are likely to gladly pop your look by devoting a pair of them.

There is just something so stylish about nude shoes; perhaps it is because .....I don’t know, something should be. 
No gloss means MATTE!

So girls, get a pair pronto and let’s  go nude! (I don’t mean literally!). They say matte lipstick blends well with the look, try that out as well okay?

Renuka G