Saturday, July 16, 2011

A summer delicacy

Ladies and gentlemen, introducing you  ORANGE “ the” colour for summer 2011. 
Orangy orango
A colour that signifies energy, warmth and of course the sun. It certainly oozes confidence and excitement matching the warm season of the year. From head-to-toe, this citrus hue can glamourize your look in every little way and trigger a shadow of envy in an enthralled crowd. You pick it! Whether it’s gonna be an orange top, dress, shoes or bag !  In orange, you can rock them all! Before I forget, this hybrid of yellow and red is also the Ambassador of 2011′s Statement Colours chosen by fabulous fashion houses like Prada and Versace. UPGRADE!

While some celebrities and models hoofing in fame with orange garbs, why not we take a juicy sip of a dazzling orange bag? 
Kate Spade's arm candy!

No doubt that I'm all into Marc Jacobs when it comes to bags but I have to hand it to Kate Spade this time! iconShe has been killing it with this one.

It appears ridiculously enticing that I don't even know if I want to eat it or carry it! To be honest, the first thing that popped in my mind when I came across Kate Spade’s citrus arm candy is CUTESY CHIC!

Well it won’t be complete without any details about this fashion delicacy (delicacy?? Actually Yes) Kate Spade NY’s Medium Katie is a convertible (luckily) cross-body bag made of woven cotton and cowhide trim. It comes in exquisite colours like pink (gulabi), soft green (vine)  and of course orange(sophronits).  Sublime choices to lure you into the bait indeed. 
Add the bold color and rock it!

By the way this drool inducing fashion essential waved goodbye to its hefty price tag and now winking humbly with $227(RM 683). SALE price certainly. Do visit Zappos for more info  :

To be real, I love any excuse to buy a cute bag, but supporting Kate Spade would be a great one for this accessory! However, encountered by the quandary of saving or splurging, I stand somewhere in the middle asking to own or not to own considering my scrooge self. *sighing*
Forget about that. 

I found some ways to pair it with (not necessarily the orange hue). 

For a color-block option:
Enlarge for better view. (goes with the vine and sophronits)

Just a tip for you girls, when you are playing with more than one colour always keep the shoes in a nude shade or as the 2nd second colour (not the main) of your apparel.  

To girl who wanna play safe:

 When you are donning a pristine or nude shaded dress then you are free to pick bags of any colors. But you need to consider the details on the dress first. Make sure there isn't too much going on the piece! well for this cute lace dress from H&M just pick a pair of ballerina pumps or nude wedges and any of those bright colored bag and you GO GIRL!

By Renuka G