Thursday, November 26, 2009

!! It'ZZzzz a TreNd Bab3 !!

trend?? not clothes! not close to accessories, na-a-ah not shoes!! i'm talking not in the perspective of a shopaholic but in the view of a "practicalaholic" hmm do not search for this word in the dictionary cuz there is none like this ! i invented it basically.. ok back to business.. talking about trend! what trend am i hitting on now?? hmm no one can possibly run away from this so-called magical 4 letter words! L-O-V-E

being labeled as an anti-relationship person will never stop me from bringing up my views and thoughts about it in my practical yet practicable blog! hmm try to look around you..take a turn, turn the key to your brain in anti-clockwise direction, something might pop might be your previous relationship! which you may even regard as relation SHIT! i don't know.. some can save your time as you are already in this blunder! oh dear....for the rest, hmm i know you at least having a crush on someone and looking forward to turn into an author..i mean AUTHOR OF YOUR OWN DOWNFALL! well best wishes in that pals.

i seriously have no ideas on who is the actual trend setter for this! but i know there are millions of followers for this! proud to mention, i'm too one of them ONCE! tough times you see..whether you have a career or not is not a question? education? NOPE ..all everyone want is a relationship! love that strikes you at the age of 15-20 most importantly, can you even regard it as LOVE?? oh dear joke of the year! first you say love, second you say deeply in love, third one you say true love and finally you end up having 10+++ bfs/gfs! what the heck! ok fine i know that 10++ sounds a bit like exaggeration ...ignore ignore.. i just got the point!

desperately in need of relationship..that's how i can describe some teens. risking all they have, family reputation, career, education, future ,friends.. in simple words risking their whole life for 1 basically good-for-nothing girl/ guy! i don't know! love is heaven when it strikes at the right time its hell when it strikes at the wrong time..wrong time?? NOW my dear friends!

when a girl or guy wants you , they will do say all sort of crap in this world to win you.. here we will even discover new definitions and terms which will even drive you insane!! i mean insanely in love! well whose fault is this? loving someone who have their own hidden intentions on you..believing all the scrap he/she talks ! If they don't need us they will wash their hands off ,so why cry ?This is what they mean by infatuation: we imagine something which doesn't exist actually does exist !We then get hurt and begin to sob ! Sob for what and for who ? All for one selfish nut somewhere ?!Love and marriage is not at all a bed of roses to sleep on.. its full of hidden thorns which do make you bleed not only at start off but at times life long! WHAT A TREND YOU PEOPLE ARE IN AND WANTS TO BE IN!

Life is a bore but its in our hands to make it fun!! please don't give the lame excuses of "boredom" to get into a big swamp called relationship! REMEMBER! no one will ever be able to take your parents place in showering you will love and comfort! the child who sets family as his/her first priority will never go wrong in life!!! think about it...

no matter what or who it is, at the end of the day , you will only have your own hands to hold! a third person rarely makes a difference!!