Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Hom3 iZz Wh3rE mY H3@rT iZzz...

tonight is the final night i'll be sleeping in siti mariam 3-6 for this semester! after all the headaches and stress for 4 months plus, finally here i am , at the end of semester 1!!! time flies uh?? i wont forget the bitter sweet that i went through along my 4 months journey of growing up! a lot i saw and that much i learnt! what else can i say.. i am just glad that things are back in their proper positions..i learnt where to put what! i glanced back at the old book of mine ,its dusty pages, all i did was smile..
life is just an unpredictable journey! no forecast for the weather of life as said by RG! life is neither paradise nor hell! life is basically journey and we all are the travelers. well said by robert frost in his poem the road not taken. the journey of life brings us either to paradise or hell!! here comes the old saying life is barely a choice! at the end of the journey, who chose what is all that matters..but don't worry as the moment of truth arrive, we all are under the ground. let me clear this up: we don't know the outcome until we finish a task! something like the end of our journey in this spinning planet we will know the result! life had been a paradise or hell for us!! our choices makes our lives!