Sunday, November 22, 2009

KeEp TyInG!!

wondering what is the title all about??!! well i'm talking about marriage, wedding, tying the knot, end of single-hood or what-so-ever way you call the "auspicious"ceremony as...hmm the holidays just started and it no more seems like holiday season but also wedding season!!! what is so great about getting married? calling the whole "village" to the ceremony! well, i don't is more of a family function but nowadays it is more to a showing off ceremony! dressing up in your best attires, wearing all the gold jewels you have and not forgetting the extra layer on the faces called "make-up"!! GAUDY!!!! 1 word that tells it all!!

come on..why is there too much of excitement? a simple yet merry ceremony is just enough yo fulfill the requirements of the tradition. the crucial one is the legal wedding! registering your marriage! some are too busy being fussy about the village gathering until they forget about the legal part of it! at the end of the day you poked you own eyes! what the fuss then!

oh well, i'm still 18..there is a long way to go!!! not really planning about all these things!! all i know is , this moment i'm still single and being such an adorable daughter to my daddy!!! hehe ...

hmm gotta go and take my shower now...have another wedding (village gathering) to attend!!! haha no blog is all about my point of view and my practical yet practicable ideas!!! cioawwwzz