Tuesday, November 10, 2009


i had never given a thought how my life would change as the way it is now. not grieving nor regretting.. life is cool..being trapped by my own feeling in the chamber called "heart" for 4 months finally brought me to my senses. certain things in life are just not worth-it when it hits you at the wrong time. i made wrong choices. but happy to reveal that the same wrong path later took me to the right road i'm in at this moment.. if to regard it as "regrets" hmm maybe not..experiences and lessons learnt in life are not worth to be regarded as such.. i don't regret any of'em, all i'm trying to reason is how am i driven into taking decisions while knowing how bad am i at it.. funny huh?

hmm i have my own life to carry-on..the past is just a memory of lessons..still keeping all my dad's e-mails to me.full of awesome advices...here are some;

Relax my dear, be happy be cheerful no river is too big to cross no mountain is too high to climb its all in the mind.

Something to ponder ,...people wl throw stones at a full fruited tree thats no big deal let it be !Take the pain like the tree.The tree is not angry it still keeps fruiting. One day they those who threw the stones wld realise how foolish and silly they were!The tree has nothing to lose or regret.

Life is a bore but its in our hands to make it fun,the joy of helping others the feeling that you had helped someone today when you are about to sleep every night is really great !Enjoy it darling, people may let us down dont despair God is watching !

hmmm i love my daddy more than anything in this world!!! NO ONE CAN EVER TAKE HIS PLACE AND THATS FORSURE!!!!!!