Monday, November 2, 2009

Oh dear...

hmmm seriously i've got no idea why i put such a title here..anyway i will try to write.. today we've finnaly accomplished a part of our social studies project!!! finally!!! everyone is soo over the exhibition!!! OMG i can express how glad am i to say that it is FREAKING OVER!!!!! just imagine how tired everyone are the previous night busy preparing for the day!!!!! some didn't even sleep the whole night thinking about whats gonna happen? what the judges gonna ask? how they are gonna arrange the stuffs? etc i am seriously not one of them!!!hehe i was just concerned about the stupid costume that my group had chosen to wear!! Damn DAmn...hehe everyone knows that i was not satisfied at all about the selection!! but somehow i managed to pull through the day with the "prettiest costume" know what i mean? hehe anyway its OVER...all ended up well...even had a chance to try out kolam in santha's booth on culture!!! seriously loved their booth!!! nicely decorated! not forgetting serene and her wonderful blue dress ;-).. she looked soo fabulous and managed to become the apple of everyone's eyes!! ok thats all i guess...damn sleeepy

gotta hit the bed...byeeee