Saturday, October 31, 2009

Confessions Of A shopaholic

hmm i just watched this movie a few days a funny is it to hear that a shopaholic watched confessions of a shopaholic?? interesting huh?? hm but the stry had nothing much to do about me since i dont have any credit cards!!! not for long ;-) actually my daddy promised me to get me a supplementary visa i can do my shopping using it!!! hehe i know its kinda a little bit too head over the heels! to be frank i will be given the card to purchase flight tickets in case its an emergency and stuffz *giggles* but you know me ;-P unpredictable... let us just see whether my mischievous plan gonna work or not...fingers crossed..

talking about shopping actually i got some things to shop for and it includes strappy heels, dress and also new phone!!!!! and this time i'm seriously not in a plan of getting a touch screen phone nor an iphone!!! seriously gonna keep my hands off those gadgets!!! trying to get a cute flip phone, more to an accessory!!!! so it looks stylish and girlish!!! flip phone!!!! OMG Sony ericsson T707!!! cant get my eyes off'em!!! deeply in love with the phone!!! hope to get 1 in green or reddish purple!!!! cant wait to go home n shop!!!

SHOPPING SPREE!! plans are ON!!!