Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Happy B-day to Me!!!

hehe actually my birthday is on the 9th october! but since i'm stayin far far away from my daddy, he couriered me my b-day gift early!!! oh my god!! i seriously can't believed that my dad bought me two expensive perfumes 1 is britney spears fantasy and avon's far away, and lots and lots of chocolates!! not forgetting the sweet lovely card!!!!!!hmmm i really miss my dad like hell!! every year i will celebrate my b-day with my family..cutting cakes, taking pictures..haihzz missing those times..this year i will be celebrating it with my lovely friends here!!! OMG i hope i wont cry on my b-day...hoping to have a blast on friday with my baby serene!! hehe.. and plus i cant wait to go bac home for deepavali..missing the taste of muruku and zuvita biscuit!!! haihhzzz missin home...home sweet home...luv ya dad!!!