Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Litty Lit...

here i go again!!! it has been quite a long time since i left my brain's compartment which is full of literature. Now i got to dust it back. yeah got an assignment to deal with using the compartment. i am seriously madly in love with literature since i love analyzing poems about life and how things work. in that case now i'm working on the poem called " sadie and Maud" for my english studies assignment.. group work again!! hmm prefer doin individual task..i'm quite of a loner i guess. i dunno, i guess soo..

coming back to literature, hmmm yup i'm cool only with poems!!! i don't really prefer short stories and i absolutely detest novels!!!! i hate'em to the max!!!! i love poems that talks more on relationships. i'm basically a practical person. i do and say things based on logic . so this type of poems suits me well and give me a lot of ideas to come up with.

finally, mwah mwah to literature.... ;-D