Sunday, July 1, 2012

Not a fiction

Dear followers, bloggers, stalkers. friends, fellow countrymen and many more which I purposely left out due to their discounted-importance, I apologize on my failure to update. The reason being, I was away. 

Yes, that is such an obvious cum lame excuse but I choose not to conceal nor accessorize the truth. I could lie through my teeth explaining how my subjects kept me busy with a tight zero-gap schedule or claim that I was sent to London to prepare for the summer games, however, considering my lately-static lying records, I open up with the truth. 

I was abducted by aliens. ALIEN ABDUCTION.

Don't panic!!!!!

Now you know why I was trying to protect you from the truth. ( Did I?)

Speaking about aliens, they were harmless and friendly like those red-skirted air-hostess. Actually, they sent me an e-mail about their research regarding humans a few weeks ago which I simply ignored thinking I was on 'MTV Pranked'. Later when they hunted down my whereabouts and trapped me in a gloomy cavern, their translator convinced me on his/her/its species' best interest . I was hesitant at first since I barely know their kind, as we negotiate though, an agreement was reached and they promised to feed me all I wish throughout the period. Fair enough! I couldn't help but nod on that, hopped into their spaceship, and be an alien-friendly 'subject'.

I had a total gala time inside their fully-furnished Prada-showroom-like-spaceship. I fostered good bonds with them and we even exchanged friendship bracelets by Tiffany & Co (picture not available). One alien which had the power to foretell the future, alerted me about the closure of my blog that will take place in the nearest future, predicted to cause 3 to commit suicide and Gerald Butler to fast for my return. I was driven panic ( and lovesick)! God help me thru this.

Without a doubt, being a normal human, I did hold a secret selfish motive of receiving some super powers from them. Sadly my grand plans based on Koi Mil Gaya were shattered as they were strictly against the 'sharing-is-caring notion' we humans made. Too bad. I shouldn't have gotten my hopes high at the first place.

Even so, when the day finally arrive to send me back, they made me DIY cards with auld lang syne song tuning in its' background. I was so touched that I went home speechless . Not literally though.

And now that I'm back on blogger, I wish to share some good alien-values I picked up to honor the whole experience. All hail Aliens! =)

This is not a fiction
Renuka G