Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Sweet-tooth Fashionistas

Summer has arrived, so is a new colour trend to don! If you think the sun is the only hot treat this season, sweetie you are wrong. Setting aside the invasion of the UV rays which is inevitable, we have irresistable hotness channeled in a  rainbow of taffy colored pastels this summer.

It's about time you chuck those leather jackets aside with 'em tribal prints and bold accessories, ice parlor palettes, canvas shoes and pastel denims are on the platter to appease your wardrobe craving as the heat sinks in. Did I mention, the legging trend and pleats are back for good?

What a treat to look out for!

Diane Kurger in Chanel
So let your candies melt in your mouth and candy-hues rock thy style right. Summer looks like a luscious treat not to miss, what more can I say?

Renuka G