Thursday, July 12, 2012


I love to admire good art, abstract drawings and of course sculptures, however, when it comes to me forming one, a disaster is effortlessly born! Since I was in primary school itself, arts is not a subject I favor at all. Not to blame it on the teacher nor the lack of passion, it's merely my inability to draw and color well. I got some major issues on the important components you see. Yet I usually manage to escape with a C or under some fortunate circumstances, a B.  An A??? Oh well,NEVER!

This semester though, it looks like I have to get my hands dirty with sketches and brushes. Yes it is indeed annoying to know that I can't drop any subject because I badly wanted to pass on SDP. Like a few weeks ago.

Lucky for me, things turned out well. Mainly because, the lecturer is an easy-going one and the class had been incredibly fun, refusing to put me nor any of my classmates to sleep, thus, giving me a reason to not hate arts more. 

Besides, it is also worth included that, I had become a colour-person a year ago. The mentioned without a doubt contributed a vast deal in seeding happiness to paint when provided a chance, for the reason I can freely play with the pastels and hues without much restrictions. Colours make me happy like a cuckoo!

-I may not be a good artist, well who cares? I just LOVE colors!....... and SDP? -
Renuka G