Thursday, July 26, 2012

My group???

Being a student, the one thing neither of us can elude from is group works. Some love it for the benefit of different views, more ideas and at times forsake of expanding their social circles. While this bunch cherish the collaboration, people like me sigh instead. Not to say I'm against the mentioned idea. In fact, I do strongly agree the outcome of a team effort is at times more than astonishing. However, I feel way comfortable to work on my tasks individually. The reason being, it gives me much flexibility to follow my own pace and make changes whenever I feel without having to be answerable to the other members of the similar group. I love to fend you see! Just couldn't help it.

Prickly though, most of my courseworks are either a backgammon or a trio affair, both suggesting the esprit de corps notion which I'm not into, leaving me with no choice but to join the crowd and do the cheer.
oh dear.....

Plus, my class being a combination 19 different people of unique DNAs , selecting members of a group is often a tricky commitment. However, since it has been nearly 3 years that we bonded, our familiarity and deep understanding of each other's needs, in many instances helped keeping miseries at bay. Most of the times, we pick the same people over and over again because we are comfortable with them. At other circumstances, we opt for some changes by opening doors for new members to crack the books together on the same boat.

uh-oh I smell trouble here!

Changes as we all readily know can do good or bring tremendous harm. A few times I should say, the mentioned change and the new recruit piggybacked much joy and success but in the rest of the cases, they were severe wrecks to the whole team. Both sorts ultimately convinced me the power of each individual shading under the single umbrella. One can either be a great treasure unleashed or a nosedive-diva who descents gathering all the team efforts at once. Experience speaks (not necessarily my own).
it happens....on and off =p

And readers, if you think this lengthy post will end with a solution, erase you hopes right now for I can't advice anyone on how to prevent or filter bad choices, because it's not always about one's personality. The ability to perform a task together can be influenced by many other factors that are also circumstances bound. But all I'm sure of is, everyone will get to experience both treasure and the terrible-wrong as we commit into more fresh partnerships. To your surprise, occasionally even the old-coveted-treasure can give you a real shocking heads up. Just wait and watch.

God bless your groups!

Renuka G