Monday, July 9, 2012

Run in hues

Wanna run a marathon?

Just assume me, randomly throwing at you the request, how would you guys react actually?

Let me guess, half of you would raise your brows and leave, a few would turn down politely or who knows brutally, while a handful agrees for new-shoe-sake, recent break up and of course if i'm you new crush. (That's a lil fame-shower there, so ignore!) The conclusion being, most of you would resist it with an iron-shield !

Nobody really wants to sweat it out, isn't it? In lieu, people pass it on to their daily energy-consuming activities (which includes breathing and sleeping)  to do wonders and keep themselves fit. What a world full of surrogates!

Coming back to the main issue, in a society ruled by workaholics and perfectly baked couch potatoes, can a little colour on the sweat make a difference?

Would you run a 5km for hues?

Color runs are a spreading trend in the U.S which is indeed offering a rainbow shower to boost the spirits of the participants further pushing them to hit the finish line with a pretty cornstarch glow on their faces. The marathon progresses like this, for every kilometre you proudly cross, a splash of colour is a reward you can't turn down. At 1km, your will be sprayed yellow, at 2km anticipate blue, at 3km comes the gorgeous green, 4km is the treat for the pinkies and at the finish line, viola a pigment-party indeed!

Just in case you worry about the colour-indulged-stains, cheer up, it all washes out impeccably. However, if your mannequin look is you concern, better curl up with your smartphones as the runners launch a vibrant sweat-shop worth every pound shed.

Can't deny running is officially a celebration now, better not forget to lace up this summer !

And for Malaysians like me, keep your fingers-crossed because trends they say, are flaw-proof permeable membranes. =p

Renuka G