Friday, June 10, 2011

A lazy-random post

I have always wondered whether each one of us has it all planned even before we arrive here or whether things happen because of pure chance. As I grow older and with certain events that have happened in my life, I'm beginning to believe that each one of us has a destiny of our matter what I try to do, my life will be what it's supposed to be here on Earth. Now don't get me wrong, by saying that I don't mean that trying anything is worthless because life is going to be what's it's planned to be for us! But what I mean is even the things we do, chances we get, people we meet, places we go, relationships we have, every little step we take are all many threads that we are knitted with...we are our entire destiny working it's way through to the end.

I don’t truly gamble on this but pretty much of what I can conclude. 

Honestly I’m very bored. This is my absolute -lazy-post! so just bear with me!

Renuka G