Monday, June 20, 2011

The Sheer and Mere

possessively obsessed
It is annoyingly embarrassing that I’m about to produce another blog post about my materialistic needs. But the consoling factor here is, I’m not demanding it. This is going to be about my obsession that makes me get goose bumps each and every single time I come across one.  My whole body system just pauses a moment to admire its beauty and bling.   Renuka, Breathe in....breathe out...phewwwww

My obsession for designer bags!!!! Frankly admitting, I never owned one so far but I would love to in the future. Well which girl doesn’t?  , A designer handbag provides one with an image, a facade of what and who she wants to be perceived as. It's almost like manufacturing status. Well that is one side of the spectrum. Another side merely is the portrayal of  the copious load of junk we seem to lug around with us everywhere.

breath taking Dior
Without a doubt, I  have been harboring a fervent desire towards these bags  for such a long time.  Being here, viewing my blog I’m very sure that everyone can cognize the fact that I’m a shopaholic. I can just walk around any malls even in a ravenous state and still feel boosted to go for another round. That is me! However hunting for the perfect handbag is the taxing most affair. I kid you not. I’m very fussy about everything and I will never in my life deny upon that, yet this affair is fussiness taken to a whole different level. You might even end up spotting me twice or thrice in the same store with no purchase made. it is very hard I assure you.

Here comes the caustic most situation. Though I explained my dilemma over handbags and my obsession already, I know there is a bunch roaming around just to bombard me with irksome questions regarding the entire thing again. I would like to produce you with a few here. 

What’s in the price tag of a designer handbag dopey? Are you actually paying for quality, brand or are you barely paying for plain stupidity and vanity? What is too much to spend on a handbag?'

looks like an invite to heaven =D
Ok I need not answer each and every one of it. It consumes too much of my precious time that I can instead use to get awestricken over Marc Jacobs and Rebecca Minkoff’s mind blowing creations. Look here my dear irksome being, if I had to choose between living in a shack or keeping a designer handbag, I would rather pick the latter. To add further into that, I Renuka G worship designer handbags. When I die, my request is just one. Please bury me with my collection of designer handbags. I rather die classy than noble!! Hmm maybe. To a certain extent. Actually NO.

The whole phenomenon is called sheer obsession. I can sit and not budge at all the entire day facing this lap top screen admiring designer handbags.  However it is a clear cut that I do not wish to own one now.
I go crazy over bags regardless of brands and you can just shoot me if this is a lie. A store full of bags is like Eden for me. True enough, I have had more than 20 bags in just 3 years time.  taking all this petty facts into concern, the perfect time to own a designer handbag (as if there is a “perfect” time) is when I’m really sure that I’m going to stick to a bag at least for a year or two. Or else i might voluntarily wind up in bankruptcy. (but for a Marc Jacobs, why not??)
Rebecca M =)))))

Perhaps I should start stashing by now for my future "investments". Pretty much sounds like a good figment from the devotee. Adding up to that, it feels rather classy to own A designer handbag than many branded handbags. Whatever it is I’m going to wait .Till the prefect time knocks on my door, I will keep my obsession under lock and key.

Meanwhile, as an ardent "tifoso" I’m just going to let my eyes pop and saliva drip over the images of the goddess like designs.

 Handbag speaks Heaven
Renuka G


gsm said...

eeeerrrr Can I get u one ? U wl buy all the those bags ,use a while then God knows whatever happened to them !For whats left behind I have to pack them up and store it away,unless Uma offers to use them !!!CDior perfume and a Cdior Handbag hows that!!!$$$. Both of us are same buy out of a sudden craze,use a while and then leave it in a corner !