Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Zeal

Just me and Batu rakit beach =ppp

I'm literally bored. Bored? Maybe the word bored is just a mild one to flesh out my current state. I have a total of 3 blogs. My pet blog which is apparently the one you are marvelling at ( I know), my personal blog and my long-dead blog. Well according to my instincts, my dad is probably shocked over this confession as he is not aware of the little ardent writer within me that doesn’t seem to be satisfied with one but demands three to express herself! ( yet remain unsatisfied). In my current state of ennui, these 3 blogs don’t seem to serve any sort of aid in healing this self-tailored condition. Blame me not. It’s not actus reus anyway. Right?

I'm the kind of girl who loves to venture into new things, sample a new hobby, go hoo-ha over it for a week or two then find a replacement and again repeat the same with no guilt or shame. Pathetic? I know. Schedules and mundane affairs bore me like pages of the daily newspapers (especially the sports column).  But this post is not a twaddle in which I'm going to flaunt about my new hobbies and self imposed goals which I create like every day ( or hour or minute) . Nopey.
New journey... without a bicycle though

Straight to the point, I'm going to embark on another new journey carpeting my self-constructed potholed road as an independent blogger (inflated..totally). Frankly, I had never considered this thought nor it EVER been a thought at the first place. Hey THAT is apparently a statement to be amazed about! Since, you know how much I think and brood and re- think without a full stop.So me!  (by the way my grey hairs said hi) However, it is a point worth mentioned that my journey or shall i say it modestly as “plan” touches basically on the simmering interest I embed within myself for years long. And it is very PREDICTABLE if you have been following my writings.

It concerns writing! But writing about what? I have infused subjects like relationships, values, and people in my blogs so far. For this yet-to-be-born, I will coalesce the element of FASHION and STYLE in it! The blog will cater fashion and style from my vision, my view. Don’t scream and don’t get overjoyed (I mean haters..if I have one=p). I Renuka G hereby takes an oath that I won’t bungle my attempt and embarrass my own self, my beloved father, the rest of my family members in this life and the previous ones (if...you know), neighbours, fellow comrades, my current blogs, Kluang Hospital, my chipmunk, mojojo  yada-yada, nor I will start now and throw in the towel in a day or two. NO!  I'm not going to start anything and finish mediocre this time.  Place a bet on it! (this is scheduled to be deleted on _______)
From Dior to Marc Jacobs

Starting a blog is as easy as eating (again lame??..i know), especially when it concerns an ardent blogger like me who is successfully gripping a few blogs and keeping them accessorized regularly. I can make one in a blink of an eye. Why one? Two. Three.Four. Give me the figure! (too much Renuka..behave!) Well, Its like learning ABC in college, so Duuuhhh. However, my notion here spells, I-can-but-I-won’t.  Therefore,this “non-lethal” plan will only be executed when I'm fortified enough to pursue on it. I have a lot of readings to do in order to hone my fashion vocab. Plus my dad even condemns on my current D-graded vocabulary which he demands to be upgraded. Haizz =p. Such prerequisites and so-called pressure made me allocate a huge cavern in my humble brain to armour my language skills that I'm channelling straight up fervently every day. Hopefully, that tiny Einstein copes up well (self-praise is purely benign).Well, who wants to start a fashion blog without eloquent fashion language and proper resources? Unless I bid to be scoffed at. NEVER!
BOLD enough!

Basically, my two still-active blogs will turn static for some time. I'm getting very excited about this new-born plan of mine.  A twinge of zeal within me, keep boosting me up to improve my current language abilities for the best my brain could afford. Meanwhile, continue the brouhaha and guessing games about the mind blueprint. 

feeding my FAD
Renuka G


gsm said...

I read between the lines then I quickly checked my wallet,things are still under control!!Preparing for a small shopping monsoon and a movie session!Why so many blogs, one blog enough,as I said try sending your articles to the magazines instead.!Take life as it is lets , food is nice enjoy dont peep into the kitchen !Improve your vocab put new words to use ,be honest,enjoy whatever you are doing,to you you are the best,improve your skills make them better sooner or later u wl shine too!We may fail english but english wl never fail u!!!!The newspaper wl just take u,remember Victor's words!!!