Thursday, May 26, 2011

5 of 1= OVER

Genre:  Emo-stuff, cheesy, bolly-masala inclusive of tragic endings, FAKE-carrie bradshaw-in-the-making
( tips on survival skills are F.O.C.)

Wow I semester ended just like that. survived in a jungle, stayed in a village atmosphere, experienced being a teacher, coped up with linguistics and those dreadful theories in child development. Unbelievable. Things seemed so hard , like every day had extra hours and now ? weird right? We went through every second thinking there is a long way, long time but it flies off like nobody’s business.

Reflection time! 5 months? Tough time. full of pain, mostly self-inflicted. Another date with the past. And I blew it all into proportions one more time. They say the first cut is the deepest. I beg to differ. Second cut? Trust me I’m out of words. But there was nobody to nurse my wounds. Even I couldn’t be bothered. I was in my own world busy pricking those pain again and again. God kept dropping those  hints that I again took for granted. He sent them through people, the person concerned and lot more ways I should say. Love right? Everybody falls. I fell so deep indeed. But everything has  to end somewhere right? So, it eventually did. I bucked up my courage and faced it. I faced the harsh truth and the consequences of my actions. I dare not explain further. Some things are better left unsaid you know.

i was this weak (strongly-weak)
It taught me a great deal of lessons. The value the word ‘NO’. The ability to let go. To question honesty. To set priorities and boundaries. The utmost of all, it taught me ‘resilience’. At times or maybe most of the times, we humans have the tendency to fall on the same ground over and over again  as  we are the  bunch that take for-the-moment-lessons. Today we hear hoo-ha and tomorrow? We hide under the same shell again. Especially those who belong in my cluster. The IMMATURED  it spells. My 2 cents:  till you leave that kid world, cling to those who can protect you. Learn the art of NO! Have the courage to-not-risk when uncertainty clouds your brain. You will never know people’s intentions, for the world is full of vultures. 

Life is a great teacher indeed. Take those lessons. Falling and dusting off and falling again don’t seem classy at all to me. ANYMORE

Better off this way. WO!

Back  to the main talk. There were also must-be-mentioned-good things that took place despite all those throbbing ‘happenings’. I experienced how it is like to be a vegan and survive merely on bread. I made new friends. Took up blogging seriously. Wrote a few miserable poems which indirectly killed Shakespeare. Read 5 non-fictions and I’m extremely proud of it!  

Good things and bad things are best friends you know. They often hang together. But it is very sad that our eyes can only enlarge’em  bad things and the poor microscopic good things are always left out of sight. Learn to uncover them. Life will appear better. Simple as that.

this what i'm talking about.SMILE
While yesterdays are save in frames ,move on people!
Renuka G


gsm said...

Emotions shld be always in your control,never allow emotions rule u cos they trigger silly actions.Sit and recollect the issues, you wl discover what went wrong,and at most times we find we were the culprits,if letting in was easy so what about letting go ?Wrong priorities, wrong presumptions,lets take the blame,at least from now on we walk tall no more stooping no more looking back,never think of those who closed the door behind them,think of those who wait upon u with doors open.Right now your assets are health and a career,and your priorities are those who love u for what u are,those who expect nothing from u but just your smile,Take care!

Most of the shadows of this life are caused by our standing in our own sunshine.So why worry over what happened be wise not to let happen again.

gsm said...

Ammendment ! The first five lines!
Emotions trigger it all,they tie u up in sorrow and leave u confused.Letting in seems easy letting go is so hard........