Saturday, May 21, 2011

Lost for Months

Warning:  Emo elements present, cheesy,  , tissue paper -should –come- handy kinda stuff, ADHD symptoms towards the end, logophobics  are highly undesired.


Here they lay me down to sleep
For another thousand years I weep
Autumn leaves, my bed you be
People and places I know not thee...
Dead and gone that's what I may be
For I wasn't what they chose to see,
Frozen hands that I cannot feel
But my heart still pounds, as it bleed...

Sun and the moon dance around me
Know I not what tomorrows may be .

Newsflash: Shakespeare just died ( like he was alive yesterday)

for a better vision of my (when pride takes control....) poem: this is what i had in mind (something like this)
exactly something like this with a touch of melancholy.. this is more bolly-like isn't it?? ignore2
the important thing to remember is: it has got nothing to do with :
HONEY, NOT this. =p

I wept...I bled...I died...yet I'm alive. Where is the beginning and where is the end? I know not thee. (actually i feel kinda funny reading the poem, but who cares!) 

Actually that was like a few months ago. If I’m not mistaken, it is supposed to be my 2nd attempt on writing poems. I finished like half of it and saved it and today when I was looking for a doc on child development, holla it was right there winking at me. no choice but to oblige its demands *angel-mode*. I sat down about 30 minutes to finish the last 4 lines of the so-called poem. No joke! I take a very long time to start and finish a poem. I write like 1 or 2 lines per day and skipping happens A LOTTTT. It requires a lot of brain juice and word matching games!  Hope the poem makes sense. It is kind of a –little- too- emo type though. Will try on some happy ones soon k? 

Good Night =)
 None other than *drum rolls*
Renuka G


gsm said...

Wow ! U got a super heart,U mean it bleeded ? Then it pounded too ? OMG what a heart !!Of all the ediots the sun and moon danced with u ?! I told u dont trust these two fellas,one sneaks in the day and the other at nighT!!Good attempt,keep it up!