Sunday, May 8, 2011

Me, Myself and Charlie

Things that are happening to me lately are so making me commit myself to different types of writing. What to do. Its all His will =p this time I'm going to write about a creature, poisonous creature called the Rove Beetle or Charlie. Mr. Charlie attacked me the day before today... like yesterday, how predictable! If it were to suck my blood and vanish into the air then who cares! As I’m such a generous human being ( self-praise is purely benign) *winks* 

The worst thing about this particular colourful, or maybe so called colourful- orange-black beetle is that, it leaves you with a bright red thing called rash ( like nobody knows) on your skin. It so makes me go ‘DAMN’! Another ‘damn’ factor is, when the rash comes to contact with water it makes you curse like nobody’s business! And before I forget, this gentle-sect bit me near my right ankle when I was having a deep slumber!! Thanks buddy for now i'm your angel, Charlie's Angel =)
Shall i compare you to the .....thou art more annoying than...

 Additional Info: however, Mojojo and Chipmunk are reported to be save from this evil creature and it's poisonous bite ..pheww

Enlarge to read =)

Rash for thought!
Renuka G


gsm said...

OMG,It always hits at the same spot,it always hits the same wound, thats an Indian saying!Mosquitoes used to love u OUAT,now what ?!I think ur room needs a thorough clean up,it looks its not perfect for Human occupation,perhaps too dusty!Apply Burnol if the rash spreads see a doctor,Skin ailments are such a nuisance so take good care,wish u well!