Thursday, May 19, 2011


when flu and fever batters my system
Whoever who said that being alone is the only time you can truly be yourself and that our best companion ever is Solitude, are very wise people. The one who perceive true beauty and the magic behind this life may sometimes have to walk's a fact. And all the miseries in us stem from our inability to be alone...our constant need to be heard, wanted and understood. But you know, I tried and I nearly died trying. Why? because no one will ever understand you fully. because we are lone creatures with lone judgements. Not everyone will walk with you and neither will you walk with everyone else. Am I right? We all walk alone, whether you realize it or not. 

We have friends and foes during the day, but at night we are alone, staring at the dark blue skies in complete solitude. And he who does not ask or want company just to secure an important place for himself in this world, is the greatest man ever...he who knows that even being alone, he is still valuable and very much a part of this great Universe. Caught up in the illusion called 'bonds' that don't last anyway, we continue to be mangled in the misery of wanting company, longing for our thoughts to be validated and our hearts to be recognised.  waste of time. PERIOD.

I realized it finally. Someday all of us have to walk alone. so, Lets practice!

P/S this has got nothing to do with sympathy, merely a random post by me. thank you.

Renuka G


gsm said...

The worst loneliness is being not comfortable being yourself !We should not put walls to keep people out but to see who cares enough to break them down!End of the day we all are alone we leave this world alone,who wants to follow ,even our dearest friend would not ! Thats the fact.The bond isnt an illussion but the loneliness felt in the bond could be.As I said if we raised the wall is it right to claim we are lonely!Until one gets bitten by the scorpion of togetherness one wld never be able to appreciate the presence of the angel of loneliness!The single lonely moon remains the hero !It doesnt complain,it lights the dark night,if u want to shine u still can,so loneliness isnt that bad !