Wednesday, May 11, 2011

NeVer EnouGh

Love and life both has no definite meaning or explanation like what the theories and laws we learn in science. You don’t read a book to acquire on what is life and you don’t search on what is love in dictionaries. Yes such books exist and without a doubt dictionary can give the meaning indeed but they were never sufficient to quench our thirst, why? It is because our quest is beyond that. More often we search for things that don’t come easy or we go for more after having one. Finding is one thing, satisfaction speaks a whole different chapter. I dare to say that at least once in everyone’s life each human have the curiosity to know what the hell is happening in his life, what is this circle people are talking about, and does karma really exist?  Somewhat we are just curious. But are we really satisfied with the explanation we acquired ? Is life worth to be questioned?  Or are we just drowning in search of armour?... think about it ..
 Question the Worth of a Quest
Renuka G


gsm said...

Life is for to be lived and not questioned,thats my opinion.Living a life for people who love us and people who deserve our companionship ! Life is just like giving u a lime ! Now how do u wanna eat it.? If u choose to bite it raw then its going to be sour and even irritate your mouth,but if u take ur time to slice it and then make a juice and add sugar.......then ice....imagine how sweet its going to be!Think!!Its there but it all depends how u take iT!The bottom line is its the the same lime,but the decision is ours!!Take it easy!