Sunday, August 5, 2012

Scale to my favor

Do you know the feeling you get when stepping on the bathroom scale and it shows a drop? It's like a buy 1 free 1 sale at your favorite designer boutique, it's like an ice cream giveaway at Baskins, it's like a holiday on Monday, such a happy scene even beating the proverbial cloud nine feel. And that happened to me today.

I was flabbergasted in fact, as it was just yesterday I felt like I have put on weight. Now having the scale pointing to my favor, I can certainly pin point to the photographer's angles and skills for the picture malfunctions.

Plus, prior today, I thought fasting doesn't contribute much if I were indulge to the max after 7, reality check, I'm wrong with much bliss!

Looks like my size 6 (UK) dream is so close I could hear it calling!

In actuality, I can already fit myself into a size 6 top, but it's just not to my comfort yet. Considering the fact I don't like to wear tops that are body hugging, I thereby choose to reduce a little more.

But Whatever my size is and going to be, I'm healthy and that satisfies me the most. Thanks to jogging, dumbbells and of course my meals, not forgetting the Almighty for the precious gift.

Renuka G