Thursday, August 23, 2012

Tweed Jacket

Tweed jacket from topshop
Tweed jacket first gained its fame by keeping the legendary fashion icon, Mademoiselle Coco Chanel warm further popping glam to her signature dangly pearls. The staple piece came back to regain its status in the fashion world sometime ago and now it has been named a wardrobe-essential.

Don't be surprised if I were to call it the new addition to my layering pieces.

The truth is I'm too bored with my cardigans and G2000 blazer, apart from starting to loathe the color black. Therefore, I went to Dorothy. P, Topshop, Mango and also Subzero hunting for my meant-to-be jacket but finally found it in Promod which drained me about 255 MYR. Please do not end up having panic attacks or cardiac arrests for, good layering pieces are often priced around that. Take Topshop for instance, the cheapest price for a blazer would be 256 and could go up to 356 MYR meanwhile at Dorothy Perkins if you are lucky enough you would be able to hunt down a piece as such for about 156 MYR (usually during sale). However, more often you would end up not liking the cheap one unless your frugal-policy outweighs your fashion eyes. And trust me ladies, layering pieces are good investments indeed, so please don't scrooge on that.

Back on tweed jacket!
tweed jacket by pro mod

Mine looks like this is exactly this. For further info and more detailed view, do visit The one thing that captured my eyes the most is the golden-zip details on both sides, very exquisite. Also to be noted, the material feels great and not too warm or uneasy when worn. Since it's sort of like milky in colour, you can don it over a bright colored top to tone down your look. If you love cinching, you can always get your favorite belt over the piece to show your puny waistline.

Be it a skirt, skinny or tapered pants, a tweed jacket can match them all.

All the best hunting one!

Renuka G