Monday, August 27, 2012

All you need to fix

There will be no great thing in the world if nobody's there to say it is. Even winning a lottery would be of no significance for a pauper if he chooses to call it an ordinary event (which I totally believe he won't) . The same applies when it comes to nerve-wrecking scenarios. Getting an answer wrong transforms many into a complete loser in their own head when it's human nature to make mistakes. The case here is, we put labels on events and things, then we go around blaming God and circumstances.
Some of us are miserable as the result of our own perception. We get agitated over simple things that would vanish as soon as the sun rises the next morning, or after a few more mornings. We ignore our simple achievements presuming they are not enough and we make huge fuss over our minor shortfalls calling it a major trip. Some say these are dreams-driven dissatisfactions that motivates one to not settle for less and take every single step with caution. My question though is, what's the point of traveling such a long tiresome journey full of resentments to achieve one superficial goal?
I was convinced by circumstances to believe life is all about the journey and not the destination. However, why are there so many of us striving to live  life like a bitter pill to be watered down each day forsake of a huge vision which may or might not come true?
this is kinda against the theory! true though =p  
Can't the journey be like the glass on its way to be full and not resembling the one half-way filled yet pressured by so many factors, only waiting for the time to shatter into pieces ?
From what I've learnt, everyone should dream big and never stop working towards making it real. Keeping that in mind, I have no rights to comment on anybody's dream and hey, I have no will to do that either. I just intend to make the road less bumpy, presenting to you an approach to get your glass full at the end without compromising your self-esteem and happiness in general.
We can't change circumstances and that is the ultimate trick played on each of us living in this world. Things will happen forcing us to call some good and the rest as tragic or bad. Way worse during some unfortunate case scenarios, our battered system forces onto us the blurry most vision that even our little successes seems like zero-incline in the progress.
But no matter how you twist or turn,everything comes down to this- it's either we usually perceive wrongly or perceive too honestly. So why not play a trick?
Why not mend our perceptions according to our comfort? We are holding the keys now aren't, we?
Just like a loophole in the constitution, this is certainly a secret way-out we take into our personal favor. When it is so clear that trying to change circumstances is a futile attempt, let's fix our perceptions. Even a massive blow can be masked as a mild-trial if you just believe it is. 
Begin a great journey towards your dream (s)! 
Renuka G