Monday, August 13, 2012

What a skirt man!

You might have measured the pencil skirt using your ruler, who knows, but this time around the fashion world has evolved letting us don a ruler inspired skirt instead. As quirky as it sounds, the piece   exactly typifies the word, jolly modeling the measuring tool  in a literal manner.

The way things are going somewhat alerts me, how seethed mr.eraser must be hunting for designers to please. Perhaps it's just a season way to see more stationaries dominating the runways and catalogues.

Back on the ruler skirt, it is the masterpiece of a Korean webshop, StyleNanda, which is also featured in Seventeen's webpage. They offer pretty good fashion I assure you. 

The pencil skirt has officially humbled its market, the question though is can ruler skirt soar better? Would you wear it?

Measure your likeness and mark it down before the eraser invades!

Renuka G