Sunday, August 12, 2012

A shelter for fiction

This afternoon, since I had a little free time before my siesta, I utilized it to find and arrange the books I have read. And as soon I managed to collect all of them for each was left at different places, reality hit me hard! How am I supposed to arrange them in the general space I have allocated to keep books, which is to be exact, under my table? This is like way too many to be squeezed there as I already have stacks (yes plural) of books ruling the space for about 2 years.

Now it's indeed a dilemma surfacing here.

What am I going to do with these books?

Please kindly rule out 'throwing' or 'disposing' or even, 'incinerating' as in Bradbury's dystopian novel Fahrenheit 451. Not doing that! And bearing in mind the limited space in my cubicle like room, I forsure can't dream to secure another area to store them nor I'm capable of twisting a magic wand to form a hoard. Neither is even close to possible, especially the last one. Staving off the mentioned options, what do I have left?

still a struggle to finish 

Bring the books back? Well, I'm considering that in fact. At least if they are there, my dad would take good care of them, arrange them nicely on the book shelf, easy to find, no need to rearrange and I can leave them anywhere I like again, without a tinge of worry as I know it would be back on the shelf like a magic trick the next day =) Setting that reason aside, the book would also be available for my sister to kill time when she's back on holidays. However, since she's more engrossed with poems lately, I need not stress on that one much. What do you say ?

'Problem Solved !' of course!

Traveling south with books this time, but 'heading south' is not in the agenda =)

Renuka G