Friday, August 31, 2012

50 shades of Grey, thru my eyes

A complete nonsense-filled -twilight-fan-fiction. 

You might claim it’s not my cup of tea since I’m not even a fan of romance novels and how can I ever possibly tolerate an erotica like this. Frankly, that’ s digressing from the point for I appreciate and am highly fond of reads which are well-written with words and syntax capable of blowing minds. This though is a major failure and I unfortunately went against my ‘Life is too short for crappy stuffs’ principle by reading some parts of the book (online of course!). 

As you all know, I have read novels of 500 pages in which the author could vary words and interjections perfectly and even use repetitions without annoying the readers, yet this so-called phenomenon by E.L James gets plain boring with the over and over usage of ‘jeez’ and special scene allocated on nearly every single page for the female character to blush and chew her lips. Whatever. And guess what? A 26 years old entrepreneur in Seattle, do not have any work  but hooking girls! Seriously people??

I have not read this book fully except for it’s summary and first few chapters, but I can assure you it’s a complete disappointment to the readers unless one loves hardcore, abusive sex in written form and have no access to porn. Well just because the book is not photographic, that doesn’t make it any less of a pornography ok?

To your surprise and many other’s satisfaction ( since their FB fan-page has obtained over 300000 likes), big names and production companies including Universal Pictures and Paramount  are fighting for a chance to produce a movie out of this ill literature. We will soon see the disaster in visual I guess.

it's actually a trilogy by E.L J
Reality check, if it’s suffice for a book like 50 shades of Grey to a create phenomenon and spread 'fever' , I bet it’s not called raising the bar anymore, it’s an ultimate act of lowering expectations and welcoming more social issues via written- materials. Plus, since the sordid novel has already filled up the shelves of numerous book stores and even grocery shops, I wonder what’s the future of reads with much knowledge and moral values. And can you predict the influence on our teens who were to pick up and learn something of little reality and thick fantasy? 

Touching on facts, a large number of women in their thirties seems to be approving this book, leaving me wonder why would the bunch settle for a story which does nothing but characterize a girl worse than an idiot in a stereotypical way? Has feminism died or something in the world?

Anyway, books like the mentioned often share the old similar ending, don’t they? They fill up the shelves, call up media attention, make a movie with good looking casts, go big, then never heard ever. Take Harry Potter series for instance, nobody’s talking about the novels anymore, only the casts are embracing their midas touch in Hollywood. Twilight will soon end up the exact way, perhaps already has. So, let’s wait and see the future of '50 shades of Grey   a FUGLY work'.

Renuka G