Sunday, January 13, 2013

A Fall, A Rise

Relationships begin with great expectations which later boils down to painful heartbreaks trading it's grandiose honeymoon period only to become a bitter subject of discussion to kill time. We all at one point of our lives must have experienced a relationship that wounded our hearts for rarely one finds true love at the first try.

A failed relationship is not a photograph to be framed and kept in the house as a deco item, it is indeed a broken mirror which demands immediate disposal. The only thing one should know is the hows and whys behind it, then the shattered pieces are good to go out of our lives forever. Unlike a framed photograph which stays at a corner and awaken memories, a failed relationship is worth nothing more than a lesson and a quick-correction of the once-made mistakes.

To answer what I've learned from my failed relationships, I should say to stay strong. Being a person who truly believes that a relationship involves two people of different views and characters, tolerance is often the key to unlock the disagreements and behaviors opposed to my individual belief. In the long run though, I found myself on the wrong side waving the white flag. Tolerance can aid, but will not solve. To stay in a relationship, one needs strength, I mean a lot of strength. The strength of a heavyweight champion at heart to endure whatever thrown and also the courage to walk away when the door finally leads you out from the dreamland once regarded as 'forever'.

The problem with women of these times is we're scared, particularly to start over and counting the probability of not finding another person who would sincerely accept us for who we are. We settle for less and welcome more mess voluntarily only due to the lack of courage. It's not always about fixing situations. What if a situation were to be repeated a million times? Are you going to spend a lifetime correcting what should have been disposed long ago? This is where strength and courage plays part. True love is about holding on but what's the point of gluing together something you know won't stick together?

That's what I've learnt for myself. To have the strength to travel south rationally and leave for the better the moment I become aware of cracks that can't be mended anymore.

Relationships are not for the faint-hearted. Once you get yourself in, there's hell a lot of commitments and responsibilities to piggyback along with your partner. You get yourself in, you get yourself out. However, if you're lucky enough to land yourself a diamond in the green box and prince riding a Friesian horse, Bingo it is! :D

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Renuka G