Friday, January 11, 2013


I'm this 'occupied' 
Sometimes when a zealous blogger goes missing, we just have to excuse him/her for morpheme-exhaustion, don't we?


Screw you, I'm not saying sorry!

Just kidding! Well the 5th semester of my degree programme is still in the brewing process keeping me glued to its fundamentals and introductory hi-hellos causing an extreme delay to visit this canvas. Everything seems to be more challenging than ever, though looking at the bright side it's definitely what I need at this point of my life.

What to write about today?

Honestly speaking, ideas seem to be a little scattered, all over the place lately making it hard to pick on one further expanding it into a post. You feel me? If you are a true blogger, chances are that you will, 101% certain. I guess. (Don't ask me how that works!)

Ok, let me share a secret to stay happy.
There are thousands compressed on the self-help shelves, another few thousands channeled by the numerous motivational speakers both professionals and the self-employed bunch like myself here. Having mentioned the previous, I'm guessing it's obvious enough to realize what I call a secret is probably a cliche, but what can you do, for you are a sad helpless reader after all who would still curiously proceed reading.

Well, I would say sorry considering the mean statement I just made is actually mean yet naaah. Since you are still reading as I've predicted, why should I? And that's absolutely my point. Sometimes people belittle us, throw mean statements at our face, we get agitated, all raged in emotion for a moment and then poof it's all gone, we're back reading the thoughts of an author who scorned his/her reader. Like for what??
Don't take it seriously, was trying to convey my point the easiest way.

People who take us for granted usually are those who deem us to be less important than others they prefer to stay and make their life a garden of roses and lilies. (I don't see how the two flowers sync but yea, accept it.) For them, some shadows are just complimentary , with or without, life is still a helluva ride. Take this blog for instance, I write for personal-satisfaction thus, losing a reader or two wouldn't hurt me and that permits me to put my viewpoints even against whoever who is following this blog. Similar case scenario, everyone won't be important to all.

When confronted by people who discounts us on the significance of our presence, return the courtesy, return the favour. The secret to happiness is to always be fair with people even though life in general doesn't comply to this notion, of 'being fair'. Put a dog where it belongs, and keep your pet close to your heart, if you get what I mean.

Time to cuddle with my toys!

Renuka G