Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Father and Faith

One thing my father always say is to have faith upon myself. I took me sometime to accept the fact that, what I for a long time perceived as reality was the magnified version of my inferiority complex. He made me believe in my abilities and what I'm capable of accomplishing, just by trading my mediocre-spirit to positive amount of confidence.

The truth is nobody is less than anyone, and my father grasped this well. It's all about what and how we choose to regard ourselves as which matters. You can look up, or bow down, either way if you have zero faith upon your ability to accomplish something, you are a failure.

Let's not blame the people around us who are performing better or those who are also drowning in pleasure of belittling oneself, buckle up and change your perspective. He told me and still tells me I can do better, I can be somebody, only if I put my heart into it and stop getting demotivated observing what the person next to me is doing. Only because someone can light up 1000 candles, doesn't mean he/she can protect each one from extinguishing.

Life is all about faith, so place it upon yourself. The magic will eventually come your way as well. This one is my assurance to each one of you who's reading my post.If you have the courage to pursue something, look straight at the finish line. Just like the runners who are slowed the moment they start turning their vision towards their competitors chasing them, once you start doubting, your chance at success depletes automatically. Have the confidence. We're all born equal, there's nothing to feel small about. Get moving!

Thank my father for his words always :)

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Renuka G