Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Flawed Judgments

Let me share a secret you all might have overlooked in the years you've lived.

Most wrongdoings that we commit ourselves to, at many crossroads which we opt to take the path just to go astray from the right thing, we already know. Some misdoings are mistakes I agree yet often they're crimes committed consciously.

People throw the blame upon age and rage usually, don't know how far this excuse could talk ourselves out from taking the stand. Truth be told, when we succumb to evil desires and get our hands dirty by playing foul, deep inside though we're not fully in peace with the act, we do execute it. Later comes the phase of wiping away the proofs, the sole phase in which one could even rationalize the cruel-most act of all time, the phase called Justification-Overflow. Like water for a felon to clean his bloody hands, it keeps pouring till our inner-soul believes a wrong can be right only if reasoned from a felon's view.

As much as you want to deny this, probably you're already nodding to what I've written, it will get you thinking, trust me. Soon you will justify as well for that's how the circles completes.

I'm not advocating my view to label each of us a criminal or human without conscience. Plus, why would I when I'm in agreement with selfishness being a way to survive in today's world. Nobody is perfect at the end of the day. No matter how intelligently you can argue against this, it's indeed a foolproof statement to win any case at any circumstances thus being one of the most frequently used excuse during the Justification-Overflow phase.

My point here is to forgive. People turning against their own will and then rationalizing is like a norm, it happens everywhere to nearly everyone. Sometimes when looking at the finish line, we miss little things like values and the noble act of accepting defeat and being crushed by the tide once in a while. The desire to win often drives one to commit wrongdoings even though deep inside it has pricked them at least for a moment. Forgive them. They're not strong. Sometimes being put in similar situation, we get weak as well. And when this happens, muster up courage to walk away from those desires. It might be a norm, it might be  human-law, but you can't paint everything white only to cover the spots you wanted to make once.

Recall the last time you betrayed your conscience, smeared it with one-sided justifications and slept peacefully at night knowing the ghost of the past won't haunt you ? Well, maybe the ghost won't but being human needs so much more than being real and knowing what's real. It needs the courage of walking away even at instances you sense the strongest desire to get through a situation and swim across all defeats.

In actuality, to ponder upon the times we gave in to fooling our conscience, gets me to think, how flawed are we?

Speaking of flaws, some flaws are designed to be corrected. We are sure imperfect individuals, yet we can choose which flaws to live with and which one to clean ourselves from.

Muse over!

Renuka G