Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Shining Armour

There are some people we will meet in life, once they are gone , they become irreplaceable. They brightens even the dark-most alleys with all they have, leaving you in a save place. And if you dare to look back to face the incomprehensible truth, believe that now they are traveling the same road and the same darkness, alone and helpless.

Since such love comes free, we only stand back and watch them go, to later regret on what we've missed. Love that comes with a price tag is not love at all even if millions chase after it, and a love which comes uninvited is not cheap after all. Flowers blossom at unlikely of places, plus all that shines is not a diamond.

Have you ever judged someone who loves you unconditionally only because it wasn't mutual? Have you ever thrown a true-love for high-priced bond? And have you ever stopped listening to your heart because it spoke the truth?

Think about it.

Some things, some people come into our lives as a gift. Sadly though, we chuck them aside even before knowing what's in the package.

Remember, sometimes IT IS too late to fix things.

Renuka G