Sunday, February 24, 2013

Build thyself

In life, we can either choose to fail or plan to excel. One can take the easy route with less hurdles by accepting defeat or beat the odds and accomplish something at the end. I did the latter today.

Raising the bar is a thing, giving it a try is another. We often does the first well and let it go sooner or later. We set expectations only thinking at the surface, later when we find it consuming too much energy and hard-work, we make simple conclusions, calling it a day. We let chances to be awesome slip by with zero regrets. What we failed to realize is that the gist of life is to push further, to add on to who we are, to learn and to accomplish what we wish for.

I did that today. I added a personal certificate upon my achievement. I know I'm capable something, which I've never discovered before, which I bet is an amazing feeling.

I don't what is your idea of a good life but mine to conquer, to conquer as much possible while I'm here. I want to learn, I want to achieve, I want to live!

Renuka G