Saturday, January 19, 2013

Armed-Digression (Excuses-provided)

The truth is many people out there secretly wish life would fly by them with a magic wand giving them success and fruits of their prayers. Unrealistic as it might sound, the reality doesn't run far from what mentioned. Everyone has an ambition of their own . However, instead of fueling it with passion and hard-work  people channel mere  Disney-fairytale twists whenever a little elbow grease is required.

We provide a gazillion different excuses to not work towards our dreams, agree? Take the recent statistics for instance, women with career are reported to decline the graph performance wise after engaging themselves in the life-long (possibly) commitment called marriage. Why is that so? Women are dreamers and achievers too. But what caused this situation? We fancy up our ambitions and raise the bar, sadly though, in the long run we let other things beat us down. Looking at the issue neutrally, the previous line applies to men as well.

Success and dreams are rewards to oneself. We plan something, invest our energy, overcome the challenges and finally celebrate our success with a smile nothing else in the world could ever bring. It would end up being an accomplishment you can remember a lifetime. Unlike things we do for others which requires acknowledgement from another individual, this is so different and special. To be able to love yourself, to be able to boost your confidence, to be able to truly celebrate even with no one by your side, that's a thing.

I've always loved to dream big and channel hard-work into anything I set my mind to. One thing I call recall is my keyboard lessons. Who knew I could pick up something in 10 hours lesson. All I had to do was practice , practice and practice. It wasn't easy, sometimes I felt like screaming out loud for I didn't have any basics in reading music sheets (primary school knowledge is long forgotten) or the instrument itself , yet I managed. The moment I discovered I could play a song, that was priceless.

Perhaps I don't know what it's like to have another person sharing your life and conquering a part of your mind while having your ambition on the stove, cooking-still. Well, I choose to assume it to be irrelevant  for I believe excuses are synonym to the phrase 'sorry, I can't'. Excuses come easy, therefore simply isn't going to lead you nowhere. You can allocate another part of your mind to just create one every day, would be just perfect.
don't runaway like this :p

Sometimes it takes a lot of courage and determination to achieve and not everyone is up for the challenge. If you think you can do something more than ending up a statistic, plan it right and don't digress no matter what life throws, be it a Prince Charming or an Evil Queen with a broken mirror.

Good Luck

Renuka G