Friday, April 12, 2013

You know this.

Trust, once broken, forever in pieces. Fragile it is, can't argue further. One crack leads to another in a blink of an eye giving way to a complete destruction before you could even think of a way to save it. It's so quick and more often than not it's permanent. When trust breaks, so does beliefs and even worse convictions. It depends, but it is most certainly possible.

Though we portray to the world an unshakeable image of ourselves, deep inside our trust had been broken in someway. Could be about anything, friendship, love, a person specifically, or maybe life in general. Sometimes we play the culprit, sometimes we get to shrink being the victim. As a culprit, we bear the guilt, as a victim, we develop fear. We move away from the subject or person, for the fear of being broken again, for the fear of rejection, for the fear of unhappiness, for the fear of hardships. Simply put, to avoid pain. As we readily know, human strive for pleasure and refrain from pain. Everything we do, decisions we make everyday are dictated by the mentioned duo.

Trust when built strong gives pleasure, a weak foundation on the other hand is a source of pain.

I can't teach you to trust, matters of the heart are personal thus, have to be developed by thyself. However,  I'm capable of breaking anyone's trust because I have little knowledge about their faith upon me. It somehow comes to how sensitive an individual is, how they choose to react and how often the same circumstances have taken place in the past. Just like how convictions can be broken, it can be created as well. For your information, convictions are founded by an unshakeable beliefs upon something while beliefs are vague ideas we put confidence on. So it's different. When I say convictions can be broken, it is severe. And when I say it can be built , obviously it has to be developed putting forth many references to prove it's reliability .

My advice here is, don't break that much. Trust is easily broken, hard to be fix as mentioned. Think of the pain of rebuilding, think of the time and references it consumes.  Learn to take things lightly. Walk away from pain, blame specifically, not generally, if you get what I mean.

Life's is good, I'd lend you my eyes!

Renuka G