Thursday, March 28, 2013

Nervous, Anxious

I slept way too much yesterday and that's the reason for this unfortunate blogpost.

I have all my things packed to shift to Marang tomorrow evening and I found myself screaming out this question in my head , ' How the hell are you going to teach Renuka?'.

Yes exactly! How?

I have been trained with both theories and practice for about 4 years and this question? Just shoot me please.

Or maybe I'm too nervous about being observed by lecturer and senior teachers, I don't know. But I bet I'm not at all calm about this whole thing called practicals. Its like I need a breather. Ok that's an overstatement, pardon me!

Again back on how. How? Actually, so far from my experiences, I could say I'm a good teacher. I'm friendly with the kids, sometimes a pushover , prickly. I can communicate with them, I can slow down my pace whenever necessary. The huge problem though is, I can't be stern. Anyone envisioning me as a discipline teacher, please kill yourself! I can't. Up to this point I've never shouted or punished any kid in my class during my school-based-experience or be it any event with the pupils. Keeping a clean record. I don't want to change what's shelved yet I'm afraid I can't. Practicals involves real teaching, not me going into class playing games and answering their questions about my life. Far more complicated than what I've been through. So again, BE AFRAID RENUKA!

One thing for sure is I don't want to play mediocre. I want to deliver my best performance as a teacher without putting the children to sleep during my lesson. More like a constructivist classroom. I will keep everyone updated!

Pray for me.

Renuka G