Thursday, March 14, 2013

Chased by Nothing


Here comes the funny thing about my life. Last year I was busy running from circumstances and this year since the very beginning I had been busy running on tracks and fields. Haha I can't help but laugh about the running events of different sorts. Today was yet another. More like a spontaneous run it was.

It's the Sports Day of IPGM KDRI, and as usual I was super lazy to get my butt off my bed and go watch. Truth be told, I should have been the participant in the 400m and 4x400m run if only I wasn't tacky enough to lie that I will be having some other important programme on this date. Karma, it has its own way of biting one's ass. Haha. So how did I end up on the field??

My early plan this morning was to wake up at about 9 and go to the library to search for science journal for my assignment, however, since the section was closed I had no choice but to go the Red House's tent and flash my so-called-diligence. After a while, I was approached by someone in-charge requesting me to substitute another runner who got injured that sole day for 100m run or more like what we call as sprint. My usual reaction 'What the fish??!! Why me??!!'. Then the someone mercilessly brought the buried lie of mine of claiming to have another programme yada yada. Being so ashamed of myself for lying and to burn a few calories ( of course!) with a cheering-crowd, I agreed. M062 was my number, position was the 4th lane. Still remember, my few friends who escorted me to the starting line. It was funny because instead of supporting their own sport houses they came to cheer for me. Love my classmates, love my girls! Muaxx. Well it was a quirky start for I'm not so used to run using the starting block which I simply adjusted exactly like a rookie.

On your mark, Get set, the gun shot and run Renuka run!

I came 4th! Well no medals for the 4th place I know. Yet to compete with great sprinters and come 4th out of 8 participants, not bad I should say. At least something to remember and to be proud of. My daily jog on the TelTrac ground certainly paid off. Ok fine Renuka stop!

Tomorrow is just another day with some more running. Extreme running! A 100 m run, 400m run, long jump and what do you call lontar peluru in English??? Whatever that is. Naah no medals, only points which will help me in getting an A for Athletics subject.

Finally for your information, I'm super tanned like an african kid at the moment. *Sighs* The pros and cons of being an athlete :P

Till next time

Renuka G