Friday, March 22, 2013

to teach- have taught

What's next?? ' Selamat Berpraktikum' jawabnya!

In about 1 week time, I will be in a rural school in Marang for my 1st practicum. Which school?? Saving that one for the first post when I start my duty as a 'cikgu practikal'. Fingers-crossed you oolzz.

It has been around nearly 2 weeks since I started my crazy assignment-ruled life, finally, FINALLY it officially ended today at 5.30pm with the successful completion of my Science coursework which had a great deal of mathematics in it as well. You know how inseparable the two are ! Whatever. It's over and that's it , that's all, the end.  But this post has just begun. This night is still young to put me to sleep.

So what this is going to be about?

I warn you it's cheesy enough to make you hate me bad. In a world where everyone is searching for a reason to declare themselves an atheist and calling themselves a science-person, I sensed the miracles in life. The feeling of being blessed. At a few instances lately, and the most obvious is today. Just when I thought it's too late, something opened up a path. I don't know, maybe it's the mighty power from up above, maybe it's luck, but most certainly not a science-concept. I'm not bragging about the escape, merely expressing my gratitude to the blessings I have been showered with lately. It might be gone tomorrow itself, who knows maybe now, that's not the point. I'm thankful for what took place. Future is still self-dependent. I have to work hard like everybody else.

Gratitude is one thing. Next, being put under pressure! When you get busy, everything just boils up to an extreme point where you feel like banging you head on the wall, table, printer, etc. I was so close to snapping, seriously. Somehow, I don't know how, I managed to keep my cool and pull through. Maybe I do agree that I work well under pressure yet I struggle to cope up with what's happening. Most of the times I scream in my head, I curse and at worse circumstances kill a few people in there *winks* It helps though. Foolproof!

What else? Reading! Yea my long-left hobby. I have to make reading an agenda again soon, real soon. I really am feeling super-guilty writing with limited vocab and simple primary school sentences. You know when you make lesson plans for year 1 to year 3 pupils, you get used to one syllable and two syllable words, that's what I have become. And I swear it sucks. PERIOD!

Oh wait, the book voucher! RM 250 is a lot of money. Prickly though I have used RM 100 for my reference book for Classroom Management leaving me with RM 150 voucher remaining. Probably I can only spend RM 50 on good books because the rest I have to use to buy things to be used later for making my teaching aids during my practicum. Sad right?? Well, teachers....

Wanna continue with the Big bang theory now. Nites!

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