Sunday, April 21, 2013

Satisfaction and Shades

In a materialistic world in which everyone strives and chases after money, I'd like to work for satisfaction. In just 3 weeks of my practicum I've spent approximately RM 200 on the rewards for the pupils and also for things used to create teaching aids. If you have read all my posts under the label of 'The teacher in me', you would find out that I once said if anyone want a cozy life out of teaching, just quit. A teacher's pay offers one  comfort and the most is a good sum of savings for a yearly vacation, unless you are serving in the interiors whereby you receive a lucrative, I consider lucrative amount in the name of allowance.

If you were to ask any senior teachers who sticks by this profession, they would say one word 'satisfaction'. Not the one you get when you see the bulge on your wallet or your fat bank balance. It is of different sort. Teachers shape individuals. While parents shape a few of theirs, teachers at school do the same to dozens and dozens of children who is of different blood, ethnicity and most certainly abilities. It isn't easy. Books only can't do the job, it takes experience, patience and sincerity.

The three weeks had been a hell of a ride. It started of with yelling and hitting the desk with the ruler, later develop into lecturing about values and finally after bonding with them, I earned the badge of 'Cool teacher' in SK Batangan. I did not physically hurt any of them. Well I believe I don't have to. There are many alternatives to class control. Deep inside I know I don't have to step on my values only to get their attention or run my lesson. Choices were plenty and I experimented many. Somewhere along the line, everything worked out , I now have their attention during my lesson. The money I've spent doesn't matter anymore to me for I've brought change in them. I've taught them something. And even more priceless is when they wait at my parking space at school for me and Ain to arrive only to stalk us to the staff room and play hide and seek-of-a-sort with both of us. Our daily-morning routine it is.

No matter what, I'm still a shopaholic, frugal shopaholic :D The other day I was shopping for a pair of shades online, for the first time apparently! Since Ray-ban is growing too common in the market , seeing every tom dick and harry wearing a pair of Ray-ban Aviator , I was looking at Marc by Marc ( since I feel it's better in terms of sunglasses compared to Marc Jacobs' collection) and of course BVLGARI including  a few other signature names best-known for shades. SO how to pick the perfect pair of sunglasses?? That will take up my next fashion-post here, after a long break!
Marc by I love aviator glasses!( not exactly this piece)

Good night!

Renuka G