Monday, April 15, 2013

Na na na

Ok the very first line is going to sounds like a song, oh no, this is the very first line, so the 2nd then. Home is where my heart is, I'm not coming home, not for now. Yea I did some adaptations since I'm strictly against plagiarizing. Truth be told, I miss home. Like A LOT. The caps sure says something or perhaps screams that thing.

I miss everyone at home. Can't forget to mention how a text message from my sis made my day. I miss the fun times and little jokes we make on each other. I miss playing my keyboard till the tunes go astray yet sounds so perfect to my entire family. I miss baking a lot and how some experiments leaves me haywire. The smell of my room and my perfume which lifts me up every single time I'm home. Worth mentioned, my wardrobe which is perfectly arranged, thanks to my mom and dad. It feels extra good to see my dresses that are of various colours. An eye candy indeed. I miss everything, secretly wishing to sneak out from Marang to Kluang.

Wanting to leave this place soon. But prior that, there's a lot to be done. 3 more observations, gotta train the kids for SAHIBA and choral speaking, the classroom management assignment etc etc. Slow and steady wins the race they say, so I'm keeping my cool up to this moment. Hope to maintain! Wish me luck :)

Good Night!
Renuka G