Tuesday, May 7, 2013


Before I even start about this one, let me tell you, life goes on no matter what. 

POWER. Power is a pursuit many seek. Once one gets there, it can either mean positive authority or otherwise. At worse circumstances, it provokes extreme desire or desperation to cling to it till kingdom come. The scenario in my homeland is most probably the latter. 

With power comes great responsibility , that's what a quote says. In the real world though, with power comes great money and that's all which matters . To not lose it, some 'experts' suggest, doing some 'investments' behind closed doors , playing a couple of tricks in darkness, later when the power is sustained, throw conscience aside and come up with serious analysis of victory hoping the audience are toddlers holding Race cards. This too will last, trust me. Prickly though, the mentioned in an absolute example of power-abuse which remarks huge gain on one side and helplessness among the true Malaysians who are of course NOT members of any countries who are rewarded a lucrative amount to 'pay a visit' for a day, to relate it with the current GE-13 scenario.

I'm not someone who cares much about the politics but any literate citizen could understand the situation and pity the nation. We have seen those in power making wonders in minutes during the so-called uncalled Earth Hour celebration, think about the past 5 years. To think of another 5 years, I hope none would faint. 

Calling my nation a nation of democracy would humiliate many dictionaries which has defined it perfectly. Based on my previous knowledge, too much power given to an individual, the leadership style is Authoritative not democratic. So what is Malaysia now? What is the future of Malaysia when democracy is thrown out the window? What will the politicians whose name have been smeared with indelible ink do with so little support? How long will the media mercilessly run untrue and racist headlines? 

Keep scratching your head.

One consolation being, Malaysians stood united for their voting rights, a great-loyal crowd to change the nation into a better one we saw on 050513. The rest was authored, no-brainer. Yet many are still fighting the battle, a simple thank you and hats off to them, especially the Malaysian youths.

Darkness could mean so much, but we will somehow see light at the end. Have faith! Tomorrow is another day.

Renuka G ( Another ordinary Malaysian stating the 'obvious')