Thursday, May 30, 2013

Slurp the Surp

Holla people! Hope everyone is good.

Today I wanna talk about surprises. Yes surprises. Some are capable of giving a free ride to cloud 9 while some could throw you off the cliff in mere seconds.

I love surprises, and any normal person of course, would stand by the sweet surprises, avoiding the bitter ones like a plague. But since I just can't understand normal, I love'em both.

Hey, I anticipate the unexpected you see, who cares what mood it carries!

Bitter ones test on your EQ while the happy-versions elevate you off your ground giving you the most wonderful feeling ever. I wanna score both.

I don't mind putting to test my ability to endure and stay stable still. It's challenging , yet an art to be learnt by all. Sadly not everyone is like me, right? Well, I just can't understand normal! :p

SO why am I all of a sudden speaking of surprises and not flaunting my work out-routines? In actuality,  lately I have been surprised a lot, like really a lot of times. And I'm loving it. It's more like challenge vs pleasure, which is acting  like motivation to accept the rule of life, consisting of 2 elements, the ups and the downs. When they take you in a spontaneous manner, so unprepared, and sudden, I can't help but wait for the next thrill.

You just gotta enjoy life whichever form it takes or gives. Screw normal! Life needs surprises. They make the most wonderful memories. Now, take this to the bank!

Renuka G