Tuesday, May 14, 2013


I really am running out of things to talk about. And I can't believe that just made my first sentence. Not a good start I believe, yet I hope nobody seconds that. Like seriously, don't! Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, remember? If no then memorize now! How irresponsible.

 Since there's nothing in the upper compartment, let's give a few moments of fame to the author who has put behind her 99-problems-and-the-book-ain't- one issue only to honor her fans. Might sound cheesy. I mean the upcoming. You thought the previous line didn't you?
Hmm as much as I want to please you and stand by the truth, I choose to sport authority like an old hand.
In your face, take that!

So how's life Renuka? Well, while stress is running rampant doing somersaults in my life  shading under the tree called exam, I'm still sailing smoothly in my ship of ........of........friendship? Haha too cliche-like! Nonsense. In my ship of di-ship-line of course.

Honestly speaking, exams come and go. I'm just used to this already. Come'on I have been doing it for semesters and years, like a pro man, can't complain.

Apart from exams, things have been smooth and awesome actually. Glad that I've started to work out again. Having some plans for myself during the 3 week holidays, let's see how things go. And can't miss the fact that Bayern officially won the Bundesliga title and the treble on Saturday. It was really amazing to watch your favorite them win something, someone was right. The next one would be the CL finals against Dortmund. Anticipating it so very much. Please  do not interrogate me on the whys and hows, I just got addicted to football. I was reading the laws of game like some TSL subject, finishing it in a few hours, gaining myself a passion-badge. Can't brag further because i'm still a rookie, more to learn y'all. Plus I'm not a soul who can bear the wrath of true-seasoned football fans around the world. Never take it global, that's my policy.

One thing I should say here though, like very crucial, mother of crucial.
News, people, news, they spread like fire, uncontrollable, spreading throughout an area of vicinity. I officially from a feminine, quiet girl had been stamped on my face in red, as a football fan! Not that I'm blushing or shrinking in fear, merely spreading alerts around that 'news, people, news, they spread like fire'. After-all what are experiences if not shared, right?

Anything else to add?
Haha sounds like the lady at the KFC counter, yet shamelessly I want to say yes. Yes I want to add. I want to add ..................... yes!  I want to add that we have to love all and hate none. Probably doesn't make any sense with the paragraphs of rubble I have written, yet I still insist on adding that. But why?

So apparently it is proven that you want more *flattered*.  No ?
Hey you dug your own grave! Now listen while I preach.

I want everyone to love everyone, understand? All for the reason we are together forming this world. Someway or another, we help each other, we become dependent on one another. Remember the wise words from the wise person. Oh you stop, it's not me in this case. Follow will you. I'm talking about the man who said ' No man is an island'. You read that, one more time.
Love ok? I will be watching. I will be watching each and every single one of you , not.  I will be watching Hannibal tonight. So I have to go now.

Till next time,
Renuka G