Saturday, June 16, 2012

Worse than Cats

i'm this horrified
Can any normal pre-service teacher of my college be excited about tomorrow? HELL NO

But if there's one, seriously just die!

Publicly exhibiting such a P&C information is lawfully wrong! Are you kidding me? You really wanna do that?

You are worse than cats.

However, being fully conscious about the fact nothing is going to change the decision made, I withdraw my case.

Haizz can we like skip a day or something, so I need not go through such embarassment?

I'm so changing my name soon. ...

Why on Earth semesters have to begin this way? It's totally heart sickening and stressful. I'd rather stay in the hall and listen to the Director's speech till 1.15pm. And this time i'm so freaking desperately SERIOUS!

me! me! me!
Ok wait, perhaps there is a shortcut, like me never showing up tomorrow! I pretend like my flight got extremely delayed and I only reached at 1.20 leaving me 0 second to go and check. And look who's your momma now? :D
Duh like my curiosity would cooperate......

Now I completely feel like bang-bang-bang.

Renuka G