Saturday, June 23, 2012

Foundations and Concealers

Foundation-hunt can be a daunting, pain-in-the-neck experience. While some still struggle at the beauty counters, another group purchases the wrong shade calling it the right one. The gist being, both are in serious trouble!

Foundation as the name goes is the most important base for make-up (setting aside primer) which drives many nuts at both pre and post shopping stages.

As mentioned by many make-up artists, picking the wrong foundation can ruin your entire look. Furthermore,since the shade selection of your concealer also depends on the tone of the foundation, you can pretty much imagine the level of catastrophe which awaits. Even worse, while some try to ease the selection, some divas suggest it's OK to wear the wrong shade.

Well yea no problem, until someone takes your picture with the flash ON. 
And poof! Snow White! .....without any man hunting!

The best and easy most way to pick the right shade of foundation is of course to hand it to the experts at the beauty counters. But what if they were the snotty-evil-queen?
You are all on your own.

Still there's nothing to worry because it's not a chemical equation to be balanced, they are just......foundations?

Choosing the foundation which matches your skin tone is very easy as long as you remember this mighty rule- 'It should disappear into your skin'. And voila, problem solved! So,all you have to do is, wash your face, tone it, moisturise then visit your preferred  beauty counter and swipe tiny bit of each shade you think will match, just above your jawline. That which disappears into your skin is the truly-yours foundation . And the final step is, off to the cashier you go!

As for the concealer, now it's all easy-peasy as it should just be one shade lighter than your foundation.

So the hunt is OVER!
Best cosmetics ever!

Being such a kind blogger I would also like to share a few other tips with you.
-First, put on your make-up under natural lighting since, how it appears in sunlight, and how it looks in artificial lighting of your house or be it the store can be very different. Let's always be on the safe side and avoid calling even the right, wrong.
-One more thing, if your face is the dry type, go for liquid or cream foundations and stay away from those 'two-way' compact powders. How I hate them!

Ladies, foundations and concealers are both try-before-buy products, so please do know what.

Renuka G