Friday, June 8, 2012

Baking queen

I baked today! I baked an absolutely delicious orange cake. Can you believe it? It was just yesterday I was hailing all bakers and today voila I'm a baker myself. Pinch me please!

Perhaps you would ask me to keep it down but guess what? Not happening. My baking skills have been recognized and complimented by many already giving me zero chance to stay humble about it. Just like the philosophers put it, 'there's no modesty when it's pure talent'. ( actually they didn't quite put that) Still in doubts? You can ask my hostel mates, friends and family to further clarify it.

Considering my impeccable baking skills, maybe I should open a bakery after the 3 years contract. Perhaps in a mall! That would be perfectly strategic isn't it?
Or I can sell cakes to all the school staffs and children, with icing. No not to children, I would give them for free instead. I mean the icing. Even better, I can wear a cute apron to school everyday. The other teachers would envy me real bad! But I wouldn't care.

And guess what? This whole baking idea can totally feed me a huge profit at such a young age. 23 and a fat bank balance?? Can life get any better...

After that, I can produce my own show, and name it 'Renuka at school'. I would be the first ever teacher-turned-baker-turned-millionaire. Oh yes I will totally write a book about it . Maybe I can start now!

And one day when they interview me about my achievements , they would start introducing me 'She had her first vision of success while writing a blog post about her baking victory......'

I would be so famous.

So you guys out there better start building rapport with me now. The line might get longer if you wait till that show airs. Who knows, you might just have what it takes to watch me as I bake in MY studio.

Haha that's a heluva dream uh? Hotter than the oven.

Renuka G